A downloadable game for Windows

Jump on facing platforms and find the way to the exit. Each step will transform level in six degrees of freedom. Without proper planning steps, it may confuse you very quickly. The map changes dynamically in later levels.

Left Mouse Button: make a move
Right Mouse Button: zoom out
Move mouse to the borders of the screen: change view
Escape: pause

Created in 5 days for the 2018 Spring UE4 Jam: "Transformation".

Install instructions

Download, extract, run!


TensorBlink 1.0.0 55 MB


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interesting gameplay, yet I just did not like how I had to  click drag to rotate the camera around that mechanic was not so easy to use(I rather had a free flowing camera movement) plus the zoom out and in was not working to my liking as well. But art style and overall design of the puzzles were interesting. lastly, wish puzzles pieces were too close together which made it hard for me to click on the pieces that I wanted to goto. even  with the rotating camera. 

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No need to click-drag to rotate camera. Move mouse to any border of the screen. I will place a proper tutorial on controls into the game, and maybe unconstrain camera completely.

Thank you for your feedback. I'd like to hear if anything else will come to your mind.